• Wholesale Delivery Service
    We deliver daily to Restaurants, hotels, Lodges, Conference Centers, Caterers etc.
  • Easy Payments
    Mobile Card Machines Available, Cash Payment, Tap Payment for contactless payments etc
  • Always Fresh
    We receive fresh Stock daily from the market as well as private farmers, ensuring you get the freshest fruit and veg any day of the week

Your fresh fruit and vegetable

destination shop based in Honeydew

At Honeydew Market we strive to give you the best shopping experience possible. We have been a trading family store since the 1990’s working to give you the freshest fruit and vegetable in as many varieties as possible within season. It is our priority to be your favorite fruit and veg.

We buy daily on the market and provide you with fresh stock whenever you need, however you prefer. We make sure that our friendly and helpful staff are knowledgeable and will always make you feel at home with whichever questions you may have.

Visit us any day of the week for our awesome super specials and even products considered to be scarce. Even during Lockdown times, we make sure to keep you safe from entering all through to your kitchen with hygiene being a priority.

Visit us for all your healthy living, relaxed meals and experimental recipes you may want to try, from Asian products to dried fruit & nuts, Dairy products, Braai necessities and more. And we hope that every shopping experience is a fruitful one.

We get a variety of fresh produce daily from great local farmers as well as our own in house hydroponic section on the property to ensure you get natural, good quality products as fresh as possible.

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What Our Clients Say

There are always friendly staff around and willing to assist you. The shop is clean and well stocked. I always have a great experience!

Kirsten Olivier Solan

What a super shop! I used their delivery service and was so impressed!!! Their staff are always friendly and helpful and now with their delivery services it carried through. I can’t wait to place my next order! Keep up the fantastic work

Vicky Ashton

Great service in lockdown and before lockdown!

  • Fresh food
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Great selection
  • Convenient location

Nicole Meier
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